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Exciting News! 
Beautiful ultra-realistic silk flowers for wedding cakes. DIY boxes with everything you need.
Expected: August 2024

Real Edible Flowers!

Each box contains 15 flowers around 1-3cm each.

Dried using the latest heat technology to preserve their colour and shape, without the need for artificial colours or preservatives.

Use these flowers to create classy decorations for cakes, cocktails, dinner parties, or crafts. 

How long do they last?
They are preserved so they should last a good few months if kept dry. No need to refrigerate. 
Being pressed and dried increases the shelf life. If you want them to last even longer.... remove them from the packet and decant them into a jar or container with the lid off, or just placed on but not airtight. The average shelf life is 6 months, after a long time they might start to lose their colour.

What do they taste like?
Most of the flowers lose their flavour/fragrance in the drying process. They have a slightly bitter taste or just a mild flavour.
The edible flowers are only intended for decorative purposes and are not to be eaten in large quantities. They have no nutritional or medicinal value. 

They are grown with love in the heart of Essex, UK. If you are shipping internationally, please allow at least a month for delivery. 

Allergen advice: Allergens such as celery, nuts, and pollen may be present.

Colours and flower types can not be guaranteed. Please bear in mind that colour is subjective. What one person may see as purple, might look blue to another person. 


If you are shipping your item outside of the UK, please allow at least a month for delivery. we use Royal Mail and their estimated delivery is not accurate. Check your tracking number before contacting me.

Thank you :)

Dried Strawflowers- Edible 3D flowers! 15pcs

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  • Dried Strawflowers 

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